Strategy Tip – Avoid Burnout!

Ever have one of those weeks where your professional and personal life begin to blur? You hit a creative wall and your passion begins to falter? 

Sound familiar? These are all common symptoms of entrepreneurial burnout. 



Avoiding burnout is essential to your health, wellness, continued growth and success. There are a number of challenges entrepreneurs experience so here are not one, but my tips to try and avoid it:-


  1. Identify and eliminate your stress triggers – make a note of what you are doing when you start to feel stressed.
  2. Get rid of guilt! – it’s absolutely necessary to take time out for yourself and your family.  
  3. Exercise – one of the best ways to combat burnout!
  4. Meditate – decreased blood pressure, lower heart rate, reduced anxiety and decreased stress are all benefits of meditation
  5. Remember why you started


Implement a few of the above tactics and see if it helps you get your personal and professional groove back.


Do you have a unique way to avoid burnout? Please share it, because we all need more ways to keep our passion, drive and edge!

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